How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

This to this in 17 days this is the Transit van i’ve bought its now not too old – eighty,000 miles simply ought to convert it so i will live at no cost – in every single place. And inside it’s lovely filthy just acquired to offer it a excellent clean up i’ve taken off all the wood panelling from the ceilings floors and walls. Simply taking out all of those bolted attachments, pretty hard to get out.So i’ve taken out the majority head from the front which quite opens up the van. I’m going to have a divider in here anyway for you to make things a bit of nicer. I’ve reduce the window out and i have run a file across the edges to take off the sharp bits. But on this van there may be some metallic sections, so i have taken a pair of molegrips and, with a piece of wooden behind it to support it.. I am simply closing them up to remove the hole. Received the window in. I’m simply letting it remedy with tape and a few bits of wooden beneath. Simply to keep it in position. I am putting in batons and so they sit within the runnels within the van.It leaves 2.5cm which is perfect for insulation board. And i will put the ply in on top. I’m striking within the insulation. Day 2 i have been hanging within the conduit this will likely all be for my wiring. I’ve wires for again LEDs, front LEDs, more LEDs and extractor fan and two extra LEDs! We’re going to town with LEDs! And also i’m going to have these side-light LEDs so i’ve a different conduit coming all of the manner across the part.I’ve also placed on the solar panel. I made a hinging bracket which is connected via one bolt and the other one is a hinge. That suggests i will be able to lift the solar panel up, just one manner, if I have got to, if possibly in winter it is not getting ample gentle. Confidently it is tight sufficient to the roof. And, beneath, you maybe capable to some rubber faucet washers just to make it somewhat higher with vibration.On the other side of the sunlight panel its just related with the aid of one bolt so if I undo this bolt i can elevate the whole sunlight panel up. This is one of the one things I was form of concerned about. It used to be somewhat of an effort to do however it took the satisfactory part of half a day to engineer these brackets and yeah, I bought them on with somewhat of support from my mum! So i have 50 meters of 1.5mm squared wire and i’ll use this for all of my smaller stuff like my LEDs and extractor fan. I’m going to pulling it through the conduit and labeling the wires so i will be able to bear in mind what they are later when I come to wiring it up to the battery and all the different electronics. Glue gun is an effortless way to preserve the conduit in position. This conduit is robust! Shove the wire in! And it comes out the opposite end! I know that’s what it’s meant to do but, there it is! It came out the opposite finish. So good! Now i’m hanging in the batons and these are what i’m going to attach my cladding to.Its type of a elaborate type its somewhat curved these beams are reasonably tapered. And theres some ingredients i’ve needed to reduce out. To help it flex a bit bit i have put some cuts all the method along the wooden. And i’ve bolted it in two locations and i’ll glue and seal around it just to present it extra aid. I have got within the four batons in all bolted up.I have had to make a load of shaped elements to slot in. It is style of disturbing with this van in view that basically every single one is a different form and distinct dimensions considering that of how the van has been constructed. Day 3 With parts of the insulation in i have been squirting foam gun which is an awfully pleasant activity. All around the edges within the part. Filling in some of these ducting in the van.It must optimistically make it first-class and warm! Lots of the insulation is now in. I gives you a high tip for if you find yourself utilising increasing foam. In case you are doing a six foot excessive ceiling, and you might be six ft tall, wear a hat! I would have to provide myself a haircut a little later! Day four Taadaaa! And now I just fill it with spray foam. It is a bit like hanging cement in.I’ve put in this 50mm Celotex insulation board up after which.. I am overlaying it with this foil insulation which is technically an extra 4 centimetres so by the point this van is completed it’ll be the identical of 9 centimetres of insulation so it will have to be beautiful just right. It is the end of day four now. And all the insulation is in actual fact accomplished. Put this foil and some gaffa tape around.This may occasionally all be trapped at the back of stuff anyway so it’ll be well fixed in. And i’ve acquired little holes, flaps reduce for my lights and fan. Now i will be able to start striking in one of the most frame work for the base and the mattress and cupboards. To be able to be particularly cool! Day 5 i am adding some cladding and i’ve made the window just the right dimension to put some wooden in and i’ll have a first-class window sill. I’ve some redwood pine in order to appear just a little better right here. Considering that there are some elements where I can not truely connect it with screws when you consider that i want it to have a flush conclude i have been utilizing these clips, cladding clips. They’re particularly good on the grounds that you cannot see the place i have hooked up it in a line right here. So it looks relatively smooth, which is particularly excellent. Carrying on with hanging on the cladding. To give an illustration of how i’m placing the cladding on one of the crucial box metal work, i have put ply wooden on, the entire way around and up the middle. This means i will bridge it all of the method along with the cladding and i can use those clips so it does now not imply i’ll have any screws on the face of the wooden.Day 6 i’ve put in a reduce off part of the old bulkhead which offers me a quite stable factor to connect things to And now i’m going to construct my own wooden bulkhead with a slider right here which i will quilt up with an insulated reveal. On the opposite aspect it will just look adore it is only a builders van when you consider that it’ll have auto carpet on it. I failed to fully grasp that the seats would assignment again in to the van so once I was doing my plans i didn’t relatively account for that. Regrettably it is generally going to add a day to the construct to determine learn how to make the slider and i’m regularly going to have a shelf on the prime of that now. However confidently i will get it executed today. So that is the extractor fan and i’ve simply cut a bit of of timber so as to fit in at the back of there It appears slightly hard, but when it is behind the edge it will be wholly nice.These labels are a test of persistence. In the event you go to rapid you have a sticky mess! This is the end of day 6 and i’m almost wholly clad. I nonetheless have to clad those again doors but i have the walls executed, ceiling, there’s a little gap here simply considering that of the distances and lengths and the actual fact I needed to line matters up to fit the fan in. But I need to get that crammed. It must now not be too bad, only a slither of cladding or whatever. Day 7 And i am going to check out and put within the batteries. Or discover their position. Ive drilled a gap in the ground in essentially the most messy means feasible for this vigour box. I’m going to have the energy inlet on the underside of the vehicle so it is much more stealthy. So it does now not look like a camper van at any place.And in addition i’m opening to build the bed body. As you’ll discover here i’m blocking off it out, seeking to make certain it is thoroughly parallel to the other facet The van will not be quite straight And it curves in all directions so it is kind of difficult to make certain it’s wholly ideal. But I don’t want to have a number of exceptional lengths of slats as i’m going backwards along the mattress.However in any other case, once this is blocked out, i will start the electronics. Which I wouldn’t have a clue about. However, i will read the web, so its good enough! A mini tour of van being done. That is my bulkhead where i’ll have a sliding display here for you to quilt up and insulate more. In this high nook that you could truely grasp a hammock throughout to those facets in the roof. First-class significant window. There may be going to be a bench in the back of it. Kitchen unit here, in this side. And i have simply put in probably the most body stuff in for the bed. I’ve simply put the bed in, the bed is solely right here so i will kinda measure off it sincerely and be certain i have got matters correct. I have just put in a load of slats underneath. Ultimately they’ll be screwed in and it’ll mean that due to the fact that there may be nothing between right here and the again if I wish to take out these ingredients then i will be able to nonetheless use the van as a massive space proper now i’m seeking to figure out the electronics.I’ll just run you by way of it. So now we have the important plug in an effort to go underneath the van in to the MCU and RCB. It is a battery charger which goes in to my two batteries and that is my inverter. From the inverter will go to the plugs. That is the best thing so one can come off the inverter. And then from the sun panel on the roof it’s going to come all the way down to the sun charge Controller which will go in to the battery. Additionally from this we now have the far off monitoring thing. And it’s going to go off to the fuse box and from the fuse box it will go to my lights, different 12v applications.I will have these two cut off switches for the battery, one between the auto battery and the split charger, and also one so one can very nearly sit down between the battery and the fuse field. And in addition, the entire lights in order to go on the roof. And it is a roll of LEDs in an effort to go in my aspect lights. AND.. Also off the battery will go to the guts source heater and off the heater will go the thermostat. Its really loads. However it’s not too bad. I suppose it is figureoutable.Lazy canine. Sure! You’re for your ft. As you will see that my panelling is just about fully finished. Now i’m going to be making use of some sand paper, now not too heavy sand paper, I don’t know what that is, P150 and in actual fact going to soft all of it down and going to make use of some danish oil to carry out somewhat of a sheen which will have to seem quality. Um and i have to do that to the whole van. You depart the danish oil for six hours, let it set, and also you do it once more, and you simply rub it on with a material. So in a day in a half it will have to be performed. In terms of getting the cladding sorted anyway. These are my two leisure batteries i have made it so that they can’t move anyplace, they are quite heavy and they might shift round with the auto.I’ve screwed blocks the entire way round them. That is going to be the panel, accessed via beneath the bed. I will have this constant up just a little bit better and these are additionally connecting to these two reduce off switches. Day 8 Danish Oil, now finished, first coat. I have to try this three extra times. But it’s not too unhealthy. I’ve used about two thirds of a can, so two cans should do the entire van. So that’s not unhealthy. So, evening of day eight, and i’ve battoned all sides of the van. I’ve received these portions of ply so that they can finally be covered in a thin layer of froth and then material on the way to go each and every side of the snoozing discipline.I’m going to try and cling them now so i will construct everything else round them to make certain it fits. I received this arrived, that is the Gaslow 11kg bottle. Its clearly refillable LPG gasoline which means i can get gas wherever in Europe or at any place in the world i assume. Which is good! And i will be capable to start marking out the kitchen a bit of bit higher now. Also my kitchen sink and cooker has come in order soon as i have finished lots of the sound asleep area stuff, or blocking it out, i will working on the body work of the kitchen and the chair and stuff. End of day eight! So i’ve got the panels up so they can have the under lit LEDs.I have construct out some body work around the battery housing. It seems like i’ve now not completed a lot at present but, rather a lot of planning, i understand how i’m doing of things. I will be able to begin to build a few of these separaters here so that it will sort of fill in that gap. I’m simply really now not watching ahead to ought to construct the cupboard unit. Its going to involve an excessive amount of element, an excessive amount of accuracy two things i am not a enormous fan of. So yeah, roll on day 9! Day 9 And i’m making kitchen block work, just put the block work in and i will put panels on the back and facets a good way to give it a variety of strength. On the entrance part it will be painted so i’ll screw it from the back. And i’ll want a peice all of the way alongside the again to dam within the bulk head.There may be the sink in location and how it’s going to appear. It has got this like fold up lid – which is style of cool. And beneath it has the gasoline bottle and two jerry cans , so it is a bit of a comfortable match but it should be good enough. Correct now i’ve bought stuff from and old conversion, components of once I changed my property auto a couple of 12 months ago now. And it’s nice to be in a position to recycle it into the new van.So, end of day 9, nonetheless yeah I got numerous block work achieved in these days, however i’m worn out! I have been doing like, twelve or fourteen hours on this and then within the evening working to order extra substances and i’m simply pretty tired. I consider maybe the next day to come i’ll have a long lay in or probably have a time off. I am simply tired and establishing to get a little bit harassed about things when they are not going proper and now not having the persistence to do matters the best way they must be achieved. So most of the time a good time to have a damage. So for the kitchen high I might spend a lot of money on whatever or I managed to search out these two pieces of Mahogany, they are reasonably bowed but when I put them both together they should make fairly a first-class kitchen top. Simply glue them together, sand them down lots, they will have to look rather excellent. So that is the reclaimed wooden – i’ve just sanded it down and now i am going to clamp it up with quite a few glue so we now have two elements that come to be one.It is going to be romantic. Day 10 And i’ve boxed within the cabinet models. It has been a real pain, i have finished some entire screw u.S.A.Here to take a look at and make this. I’m going to have 4 flaps coming across right here. It’ll be an extended cabinet beside the bed. I’ve made this little shelf right here. I’ve cut these angles out here and sanded off the back of them to make the window profile, in any other case it is relatively elaborate to do.Other than that, i’ve re-achieved the roof with danish oil – so i will be able to put the lights in ultimately. Stuff them in. And i’ve executed some work on the kitchen sink factor in order that must be dry tomorrow. Two ingredients turn out to be one. And then i can cut it out and switch it in to a sink bench with a number of sanding, confidently it will appear good. And, tomorrow I need to purchase fuel stuff, I don’t have any suggestion what i’m doing with gas however I have to join up the bottle to the fuel cooker and likewise the gas heater.And this stupid thing right here the MPPT which is bust, i’m going to get a new one the next day, expectantly, else i’m really at the back of. Considering the fact that the whole lot, all of the electronics, go by way of it. So until that is working, I do not know if whatever works. My ground has arrived. Two packs of variety of greyish oak. Some family were getting rid of this futon which happens to be made almost completely of froth, so i will use that within the seats, harvest some foam from it, that allows you to retailer me from having to purchase some foam. It’s day 11 and i have been searching for more timber. This van eats wooden like nothing else! My kitchen prime I reduce the perimeters and this should be capable to cut a gap in so expectantly its going to be ok.So trying to get the scratches out of this wooden. It’s particularly deep. I am just utilising this scraper factor. But the grain is arising rather great! It’s half prior 12 on day 11 and… We’ve got lights! All coming through the sunlight controller. And stuff appears lovely! Its kind of working! I mean there is nothing coming through the sunlight panel correct now due to the fact that it is night time time however that was once working previous this morning. I simply couldnt get any load out, however for some motive there is a brief in the heater so I have no idea why that’s however i’ll need to investigate that out. However it’s only particularly unique to be equipped to activate and off a gentle with a switch. Its cool, very happy now. So it is day 12. I used to be particularly unwell the day before today so I took a day without work however now, feeling a bit of bit higher, and simply putting within the fuel tank.Ratchet strap, a good idea from the vandog internet site, utilizing that to clearly fix it in. Due to the fact it’s LPG you could have the filler nozzle on the entrance which must work quite nicely. And i’ve a regulator and stuff arriving so i will begin placing within the fuel pipes and with a bit of luck connecting most stuff up. However I do not know what i’m doing so i’ve a pal who does and i’ll ask him to assess it when it is performed.. For the reason that I don’t need to blow myself up! Day 13 i am simply working on the slider reveal. So as to separate the cab from the main phase and shut it off. And on the again of this i’ve put the insulated foil. Eventually i will put some auto carpet on the back of it so it simply appears black in the back of the cab. Which should be a bit more subtle. So put this different seat in. With a mechanism underneath which means that this chair can fold down as well. My gray material nonetheless has no longer arrived so I are not able to do the highest panels but i have been sorting out the set-up for it.And now we’ve.. Aspect lights! These are these 3M LED strips style of a warm mild color. The fabric I ordered 10 days ago has in the end arrived. It is a bit more blue than I notion however I suppose that will normally be better anyway, slightly bit of color. I’ve just put the foam on the boards. Now just smoothing it down and i’ll flip it over and staple it. So end of day thirteen and i have obtained to move to London tomorrow so I wont get a lot carried out in the following few days so basically i’ll have just a few days off.One different little bit of finding out has been the solar charge Controller. I just bought one, yeah, received a solar charge controller.. That’s tremendous.. But my panel is 300 watts and almost, particularly, with slightly of margin I want a 40Amp one and the one i have is 10Amp. So it does now not take long for it to get over-voltage, I mean it’s charging the batteries however after a factor it’s too much for it, it can not control it. So in actual fact i’ve acquired a further one in the submit, arriving in a couple of days. I have to depart the panel unplugged at the second simply to be nontoxic. Day 14 So, i’m back from London, began to do somewhat more work and day 15 i guess in phrases of working on it.I acquired these IKEA trays which work relatively effectively as slide out drawers. Additionally down right here i have obtained this bin, which i’ll build in – which should be nice. My new charger controller, 40Amp variant is in, which is very cool and i have also plugged within the external monitoring unit, which is useful. I wont must elevate up the mattress to peer what’s going on. Pissed around with my gas stuff, that’s sincerely completed I think. Now I just must make a gigantic drawer. I am going to have a colossal draw above these with the intention to have some artwork stuff or other flat stuff in. And the other enormous bit to do is just this subject. I have ordred a bathroom cupboard, i couldn’t in finding one in like, I went to like 5 one-of-a-kind stores, DIY and residence retailer shops. None of them had a small rest room cupboard.I managed to seek out it on Amazon. And that i need to insulate this. Since I was dwelling in the van in London for a couple of days I particularly realised how scorching the cab gets. It gets so scorching and even just the metallic work here, above the cab. It would not get any direct solar light but it surely will get roasting scorching. And surely the roof does as well. That you would be able to just suppose the heat trying to get into the most important body of the van through here. Aside from that the van is rather cool however as quickly as you have an understanding of how so much heat is coming via from the cab I comprehend that i’m going to double-down on insulation.Throughout this bulk-head discipline, i am going to position a further layer on the slider unit. And i am going to ‘go to city’ for the highest of the cab considering that it will get so sizzling in the cab, and if i will be able to isolate that from the important physique of the van I suppose, even in a rather scorching summers day, I suppose it will be ok. So, it’s both day 15 or 16, i would need to look at my movies to remember. Clearly it’s time to style the cab out. It has been a quality instrument store. But now i will be able to store my instruments in the tray, within the enormous art drawer I made. So it is again to foaming and insulation. Don’t forget how a lot i like these items.I’ve crammed up the ducting, you’ll discover it is oozing out – however not in to my hair this time. Then i am going to place a layer of foil since this thing gets so sizzling. And above the cab, it roasts! I will make it relatively good blanketed up! Then i have this replicate unit that i’ll put within the core. And then in actual fact… Oh, you will see that it, it is clearly snowing foam. This type of stunning factor! So this is the cupboard unit I made yesterday.Yeah, I imply it’s such a beast! It is so heavy and cool however like, as you can find inside here i attempted to have 4 hinges as I used to be pondering of having two doorways on each and every side. It simply would not work that you can most effective have two else it simply fairly f**ks with it. So yeah, I just need to repair this in and i will be able to begin blockading out the perimeters however it’s exceptional to peer it in location. It’s type of beginning to look like it is getting nearly finish. Which is pretty cool.I’m making the drawers. I am utilizing some spare ground. It is just tedious, making drawers. But I simply have to cut out the bases, i have the sides, backs, fronts all sorted. Reduce out the bases, put in the runners, sand all of it down, then put blocks in the corners to attach it collectively. And yea, simply received to make the base. So much fun. So it is late, and i have simply put in the drawers. These handles I acquired from IKEA. The fronts are floor which I had spare. It is best to get these in. Boring to make but i am quite cheerful with the final influence. Looks style of swish! I’ve added this little bin field. The bin pushes in and wedges. Also, on the grounds that it is proper by way of the door, i’ve added a little light so as you are available that you would be able to very quickly find your way across the van.Incase you don’t have light. I have put in the rest room cabinet. Quite joyful. It works fairly good. It has a magnetic push button, straight over the sink, so it works well for having a shave or anything. Day 16 simply upholstering the cushions utilizing some staple gun. Means less complicated than sewing. It is truely the end of an additional day. I have been too lazy to movie at present however i’ve discovered auto carpet. Oh my god, it is so just right! It type of just particularly fills in those gaps and takes al those weird edges.I can simply put some random crap in the back of it, cover it up with auto carpet and it looks great. So just obtained to try this to the ends right here. As you will find that may be a bit dodgy. Other than that i have included a satisfactory matt. Lovely. With this auto carpet, i’ve simply been utilising a screwdriver and shoving it into the corners. That implies it’s proper in the back of the panelling and must just be cozy. Day 17 this is the panel. And i a going to position it on the door. Simply glueing this panel on. Its bought some pretty fowl pics on it.And truly i’m completed, apart from these two cupboards. Just received to make some doors. And i have been putting on auto carpet and it appears relatively high-quality. Glad. In actual fact completed! Cabinets in, sun monitor, further USB, another USB within the core of the mattress, received the drawers, the kitchen the water tanks, the fuel thing works, the water works. Basically I just have got to put some knobs on these cabinets. I bought this toilet thing, its lovely cool. I will be able to have toiletries or something. The seat is in general upholstered, just one cushion, the again cushion to conclude. However yr, f**king candy, received this panel. And now I just want have this thing with a snapshot of Yosemite and then practically executed! We now have these side lights, which when it is dark like this it offers a really best glow. And whilst you compare it to how shiny it’s, and white, with these ceiling lights, immediately you fully grasp how satisfactory LED aspect lights are.These LEDs truely eat fairly quite a few power due to the fact that there are loads and a lot of them – and they aren’t really tremendous low energy however the sunlight panel can handle it. And in comparison we become with a fairly first-rate suppose to the van. .

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