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Construction Math for Building Materials : How to Calculate Area for Flooring

Hi, this is Jon on behalf of expert Village. On this kitchen we’ll be striking down wooden floors and we need to calculate how so much flooring to buy. The first thing I did used to be draw up a general floor plan of the kitchen now my wood floors are going to head within the areas with pink they do go beneath the range and the fridge however now not underneath the cabinetry. What I must do to calculate the flooring is figure out the rectangular footage so i’ll smash the kitchen up into 4 one-of-a-kind sections.This one will probably be quantity one, quantity two, quantity three and quantity four i’m going to go through and measure the width and the length of each and every section and report the data. So what I accomplished is give you my four sections I’ve measured every part and wrote down my measurements on this final one it was once 2.5 toes X 2 toes. I’ve then a couple of those two measurements collectively which gave me my whole square footage for every part. Then i’ll go ahead and add all of these up and that’s going to present me 73 rectangular toes. Now it’s constantly just right so as to add about 15% to your substances for waist so i have my materials of seventy three square toes, i’ll add 15% so i’ll a couple of it by way of 1.15.That’s going to provide me a whole of 83.Ninety five rectangular toes and i would as well rounded correct as much as 85 square feet. .